We are Design Anthology, an award-winning design studio in Newcastle, Australia that designs, develops and makes commercially viable products for various industries since 2006. We take a unique approach to each project by breaking innovation down into a predictable and explainable method for our clients to follow and iterate on. Through this we have translated concepts into practical solutions for startups through to large corporates.

Since its inception, Design Anthology has grown rapidly. Our team has expanded and have delivered over 100’s of projects across medical devices, consumer electronics, aeronautics, sporting equipment, industrial equipment, homewares, advertising, point of purchase, transport and commercial interiors.

We have enjoyed numerous accolades and wins for innovation and design including the Good Design Gold Award; Hunter Manufacturing Excellence in Innovation; Lake Macquarie’s Excellence in Small Business, and Excellence in Innovation and Adaptability; Hunter Business Awards; and many more.



‘‘Best practice” are two words the Whiteley organisation takes very seriously. Because in the field of cleaning and infection control – best practice saves lives and livelihoods.

And given how pathogens spread and mutate so easily, improving infection prevention processes has never been more important. Fortunately, under the leadership of Dr. Greg Whiteley – a world-renowned expert on infection prevention and control, best practice is always advancing.

An obsessive focus on clinical research combined with a bespoke TGA certified manufacturing facility has already led to many significant advances in hand hygiene as well as medical instrument and hard surface cleaning and disinfection. And these have been relied upon by healthcare facilities both in Australia and overseas for many decades. Today, more than ever, that has never been more important. Whiteley – protecting lives and livelihoods since 1933.

Whiteley’s core customer base for disinfectants in Australia has traditionally been the healthcare sector (Hospitals, Day Surgeries, Aged Care, GPs, Dental etc.) and the commercial cleaning sector ( building service contractors, and smaller cleaning companies who clean shopping centre, healthcare facilities, schools, offices etc.)

In recent times, due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the requirements of COVID SAFE business plans, our target market has expanded significantly to include retail outlets, hospitality, beauty care, and manufacturing to name a few.

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SAPHI Engineering is a Newcastle based technology company specialising in end-to-end IoT development and product prototyping.

The experienced founders Cameron Owen, Eric Johns and Liam Manning, all hailing from the country (Tamworth, Mudgee and Dubbo), have developed an innovative company that develops robust systems and prototypes that are changing the way our world interacts with technology.

Our diverse team are comprised of expert programmers (both embedded and web/mobile development) that have both the hardware and software expertise to develop robust, end-to-end systems.”



Jurox is an integrated developer of animal health products which are sold worldwide, all made in its plant in Rutherford. It is exclusively animal health orientated at this time. It develops and researches its own products then have a regulatory team that takes it through to product registration in North America, Japan, Asia, UK and Europe. It also synthesises its major products in a plant at Rutherford, that product is Alfaxan and the raw material for it is Alfaxalone. It has approx 300 international registrations around the world for a range of products that it sells, both in companion animals ie dogs and cats and farm animals – dairy, beef cattle, sheep etc.

In Australia Jurox has 160 employees of which 27 are in research and regulatory and 57 in operations, 32 sales and marketing Australia, 5 sales and marketing NZ, 29 sales and marketing and technical services USA 16 sales and marketing UK and soon to be expanded to western Europe, quality 26 and admin 18.

The world. The biggest market for Jurox is Australia followed by the United States and the UK where it has an operation. Jurox operates in Australia through open selling distribution companies and specialist veterinary wholesale companies which it also does in New Zealand. In North America Jurox goes through established wholesalers in the veterinary space. In Canada it uses a distributor and has two researchers operating in Canada.

Jurox collaborates with Universities and research organisations to generate research for global markets. It has a close relationship with the University of Queensland as well as relationships with many overseas universities through its Head of Research, located in Vancouver, Canada.

Veterinary drugs, the bulk of them sterile injectables, and large volume suspensions for use in large animals.



Ampcontrol delivers integrated electrical, electronic and control solutions to improve safety and efficiency in mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial applications. What sets us apart is our ability to engineer unique solutions that deliver on both performance and reliability. To achieve this, we work in partnership with our customers, lending our electrical engineering expertise to their operational challenges. From the most complex electrical infrastructure to the most hazardous industrial environments, we engineer solutions which focus on whole of life optimisation. Drawing on the multi-disciplined technical resources within our business, we step outside the conventions of traditional problem solving, and seek new ways to improve electrical infrastructure design through smart electronics, intelligent data gathering, and operational networking and control. We then back this up with inhouse manufacturing, commissioning, testing, electrical engineering and maintenance support teams.

Large permanent research and development team proven to provide technically differentiated products and solutions across multiple industries
Multi-discipline in-house engineering capability incorporating electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, control systems and automation engineering Existing collaboration and research relationship with the University of Newcastle via ResTech

Approx. 1000 worldwide

Medical device design and manufacture Manufacture of medical PPE (face shields)

Certification pending for the Ventasys ventilator

Initial market limited to Australia under the pending TGA COVID-19 emergency ventilator approval framework. Potential to export the next generation of Ventasys ventilator to international markets (subject to relevant approvals)

Public health services and private hospitals

University of Newcastle and primarily through the ResTech joint venture

Electronic componentry through to heavy manufacturing

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