1. Key MTP Precinct Tenant

An anchor tenant is key to the success of any industry cluster/precinct. Although Central Coast Hunter boasts global companies and a range of SMEs as well as all the attributes of a well-functioning medical precinct, the establishment of a large multi-national in the region would underpin future holistic growth of the MTP ecosystem.

2. Digital Health – Coalition of Health and Technology Partners

The Central Coast Hunter is a compelling destination to test, develop and commercialise digital health solutions. The region has adopted digital health to help deliver services, improve processes, and increase efficiencies. With a strong commitment to Health and technology partnerships that lead to Health-led, effective solutions, the CCH is looking for opportunities to expand its reach in digital and e-health.

3. Clinical trials

The CCH has a strong clinical trials sub-sector that delivers a range of device and pharmaceutical trials. It has the skilled workforce, dedicated infrastructure and clinical expertise to support a complete clinical trials service. Opportunities exist to expand into Phase One and First-in-Human trials as well as to develop educational courses to upskill the workforce in the provision of clinical trials.

4. Workforce Development – Quality Management Systems. Cyber Security

Quality Management Systems and regulation is a key component of the MTP environment. But, with the creation of new and development of existing IP, interest from unwanted competitors and unscrupulous speculators is inevitable. Training to upskill the MTP workforce in quality management is an urgent industry requirement and an opportunity in the CCH. Increasing awareness and vigilance of Boards, business owners and the MTP workforce needs to be embedded in the sector to protect competitive advantages and maintain CCH’s reputation for delivering best-in-class solutions.

5. Additive Manufacturing

The creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems is important to medical device production. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is being taught in some CCH schools and at TAFE and University. An opportunity exists to upskill the existing workforce and implement additive manufacturing processes in more CCH production facilities.

6. Small batch pharmacology production for clinical trials

There is support from CCH clinicians to increase the CCH’s capability to enable the production of clinical trial size batches of pharmaceuticals for studies occurring in the CCLHD and HNELHD as well as for health researchers and private clinical trials providers.

7. Rapid prototyping, production and testing

Rapid prototyping production and testing facilities are important for bringing products to market. An opportunity exists to grow and better utilise the CCH’s existing capacity for R&D and rapid prototyping to improve the efficiency of the pipeline from unmet need to commercialisation.

8. Research funding (e.g) ARC, Federal and State Governments

The CCH is exploring avenues for funding to contribute to the growth and improvement of all aspects of its MTP ecosystem. The region is collaborating to identify joint, regionally significant projects that will unlock opportunities for government funding.