August 2021

Design Anthology

2021-08-10T17:06:59+10:0010/08/2021|Company Capabilities|

DESIGN ANTHOLOGY We are Design Anthology, an award-winning design studio in Newcastle, Australia that designs, develops and makes commercially viable products for various industries since 2006. We take a unique approach to each project by breaking innovation down into a predictable and explainable method for [...]

June 2021


2021-06-22T13:47:34+10:0022/06/2021|Company Capabilities|

‘‘Best practice” are two words the Whiteley organisation takes very seriously. Because in the field of cleaning and infection control – best practice saves lives and livelihoods. And given how pathogens spread and mutate so easily, improving infection prevention processes has never been more important. [...]


2021-07-30T13:07:33+10:0022/06/2021|Company Capabilities|

SAPHI Engineering is a Newcastle based technology company specialising in end-to-end IoT development and product prototyping. The experienced founders Cameron Owen, Eric Johns and Liam Manning, all hailing from the country (Tamworth, Mudgee and Dubbo), have developed an innovative company that develops robust systems and [...]

January 2021

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