Whiteley Corporation is a leading global innovator in infection prevention solutions. It is a family-owned Australian business, that has been operating since 1933. Its TGA licensed manufacturing facility is based in Newcastle, NSW. Research and Development is a major focus for the company, with resources dedicated to internal research as well as external research conducted in conjunction with international partners. It has achieved award-winning success in the chemical manufacturing industry and world leading research and product development.

Whiteley Corporation manufactures a range of Infection Prevention products that are classified as Medical Devices and is licensed by the TGA to manufacture Instrument Disinfectants and Sterilants. Whiteley Corporation is currently in the process of building a new Class Three Flammable Human Therapeutics Plant to manufacture over-the-counter medicines.


Jurox is an integrated developer of animal health products which are sold worldwide, all made in its plant in Rutherford, NSW. It develops and researches its own products and has a regulatory team that takes it through to product registration in North America, Japan, Asia, UK and Europe. It also synthesises its major products in a plant at Rutherford, its raw material being Alfaxalone. It has approx 300 international registrations globally for a range of products that it sells, both in companion animals (ie) dogs and cats and farm animals – dairy, beef cattle, sheep etc.

Jurox collaborates with Universities and research organisations to generate research for global markets. It has a close relationship with the University of Queensland as well as relationships with many overseas universities through its Head of Research, located in Vancouver, Canada.


Myo Munchee is a Newcastle based company that manufactures and exports a soft silicone chewing mouthguard designed to help with nasal breathing and chewing, while assisting facial growth and tooth development. It encourages improved breathing patterns and healthier teeth and gums.

The Myo Munchee device is based on research into how chewing affects every aspect of health and decades of clinical dentistry experience to bear on making and refining the small device. All Myo Munchee’s products are made from non-toxic medical grade silicon. Munchee’s active chewing approach gets the body’s innate optimal functioning back on track. The reflexive response Munchee triggers helps with jaw and mouth function, breathing, posture and sleep.


Employing approximately 1000 people worldwide, Ampcontrol delivers integrated electrical, electronic and control solutions to improve safety and efficiency in mining, renewable, infrastructure and industrial applications.

What sets Ampcontrol apart is its ability to engineer unique solutions that deliver both performance and reliability. To achieve this, it works in partnership with its customers, lending electrical engineering expertise to their operational challenges. From the most complex electrical infrastructure to the most hazardous industrial environments, Ampcontrol engineers solutions that focus on whole-of-life optimisation.

Drawing on the multi-disciplined technical resources within our business, we step outside the conventions of traditional problem solving, and seek new ways to improve electrical infrastructure design through smart electronics, intelligent data gathering, and operational networking and control. This is backed-up with inhouse manufacturing, commissioning, testing, electrical engineering and maintenance support teams.


Paratus Clinical is working with Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Academic sponsors to perform clinical research studies involving both healthy people and those with underlying illnesses (chronic and acute) for new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics. Paratus offers vaccine refrigeration, ECG, laboratory-grade freezer, spirometer, centrifuge, continuous temperature monitoring with 24 hour alarm and back up and each site has an Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OTGR) accredited PC1 Facility, enabling the conduct of trials with a GMO

HMRI Clinical Trials Unit focuses on swifter translation of health research into the clinic. The Unit provides clinical trial coordination as a service. It offers: Clinical trial conduct from beginning-to-end; Consulting to assist existing teams; Discrete services within clients’ current trial. The HMRI team brings knowledge and skills to complement those of its partners to support its clients to prepare, design, secure approvals, recruit, execute and evaluate successful clinical trials. Its consultative and collaborative approach is designed to build capacity in teams and across the clinical trials sector.

Newcastle Private Hospital Clinical Trials has over 10 years’ experience conducting clinical trials in the private setting.With the ongoing support of the NPH management and Healthscope executive teams, clinical trials are now seen as a standard part of the care provided for oncology patients at NPH. The clinical trial unit is supported by a Chemotherapy Day Unit, Medical Centre, Oncology Ward, ancillary services (e.g. physiotherapy, pathology) as well as an onsite oncology pharmacy. NPH clinical trial unit participates in local, national and international studies, conducting trials for a variety of cancer types including Brain, Colorectal (bowel), Lung, and Ovarian.


NSW Health Pathology was formed in 2012. It protects and enhances the health, safety and wellbeing of our communities at all stages of life and is a trusted partner and committed to excellence in quality, safety and innovation. It leads the way in training, education, research and policy creation to meet the diverse, evolving needs of its communities.

NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing is the world’s largest accredited managed service with more than 750 point of care devices installed over 200 metropolitan, regional and rural hospital settings. Point of Care testing groups include: coronary, diabetes, infection, general health status, blood gas/acid base, reproduction.

NSW Health Pathology’s key capability areas include: Scientific IP; Digital solutions development (IT development); Patient testing – hospitals, mobile, community, companion diagnostics; Technology evaluation; Clinical trial services; R&D; Prototype manufacture.


Logikal is an experienced, TGA audited, contract manufacturer of therapeutic products (medical devices, liquids & topical creams), based in the Hunter Valley (NSW, Australia). The company was founded with the aim of growing Australian manufacturing & providing regional employment opportunities.

Quality is at the forefront of Logikal’s overall philosophy & daily actions. The company has built its reputation, & customer relationships, on a foundation of continual improvement & a commitment to high quality control.

Logikal manufactures both Medical Devices and Listed Medicines through its TGA manufacturing experience and vast experience in sterilisation processes and controls. Medical devises (usually sterile disposables for hospitals and medical industry); liquids and creams (including surface and hand sanitisers) for Pharma industry, including sterile creams are its core products.