About MedTeCCH

In response to the national focus on building resilience against economic shocks and supply chain disruptions catalysed by COVID-19 in 2020, RDA Hunter, in collaboration with industry peak bodies and regional stakeholders, identified Medical Technologies & Pharmaceuticals (MTP) as a sector with real potential to drive regional growth across the Hunter Central Coast.
Given the region’s reputation for medical excellence at both clinical and research levels, its advanced manufacturing capability, and potential to leverage its traditional capabilities to expand knowledge-led industries and jobs, RDA Hunter formed MedTeCCH.
MedTeCCH is an industry-led network of Central Coast Hunter (CCH)-based MedTech and Pharma companies, national industry associations, sector specialists, and education & research organisations. It was established to build the region’s MTP cluster, and to identify and capture opportunities to grow and diversify the sector.


  1. Establish MedTeCCH as the Hunter Central Coast’s representative industry network organisation for MedTech and Pharma
  2. Establish the Hunter Central Coast as a strong contributor to MedTech competitive capability in NSW and nationally
  3. Facilitate growth of MedTech and Advanced Manufacturing through collaboration across industry, government, research and education
  4. Improve MedTech access to global supply chains and boost participation in national and international markets
  5. Raise awareness of the region’s MedTech capability to gain political, regulatory and institutional support and investment.

MedTeCCH is ….

  • Working towards being the local voice and champion for the Hunter Central Coast MedTech sector

  • Leading the development of a sustainable, commercially successful MedTech ecosystem to create and capitalise on research and innovation opportunities

  • Building direct links to end-users and investors, including local and global health systems, with support for infrastructure, skills and research translation

MedTeCCH is a lead project of RDA Hunter’s. Trevor John is RDA Hunter’s Director of Regional Development and Executive Officer

We welcome enquiries to join and contribute to the success of MedTeCCH.

Contact RDA Hunter’s Director of MedTeCCH & Specials Projects, Kate O’Mara via the enquiry form below or calling 0412 303 744

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